Update 2 May 2017

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Update 2 May 2017

Post by Maven » Tue May 02, 2017 2:59 am

Another little update.

Experience needed to level has changed. Was too easy before! All players have been reset, but exp has been kept so you can level up to your new level(should be lower).
New players now spawn in their guild on first log in.
Players are now given 1 Ability Point to start with.
Rooms can now modify stats.
Thornwood TS has been given +5 HP & MP Regen.
Toughness will now help with hp regen. +1 regen per 8 points.
Wisdom will now help with mp regen. +1 regen per 8 points.
Damage calculation has changed and should be a bit less random now.
Exp from the same mobs should be a bit less random.
Armour affect added. Only buffs can increase this for now. Still to add equipment.
Resistances/Damage absorb added.

New Warrior Abilities added
-Smash: +5 damage plus an additional +5% dmg per point, recovers +5% per point faster than normal attack. 35 second cooldown.
-Dodge: +.3% dodge per agility. Increases +.1% per level.
-Rage: +15 damage, +5 damage per point. Lasts 20 seconds + 2 seconds per level. 2 minute cooldown.
-Kick: Damage based on strength and agility, causes stamina recovery on target .3 seconds +.1 second per level. 1.5 second recovery time, 15 second cooldown.

New Priest Abilities added
-Heal Wounds: Healing spell.
-Blessing: Increases targets max hp, +2 armour per level.
-Rejuvenate: Increases targets hp regen.
-Weaken: Strength debuff.
-Might: Increases targets strength.
-Dodge: Same as Warrior.
Charisma will help to boost most of the healing/regen affects.

New Mage Abilities added
-Fireball: A fire damage spell.
-Snowball: An ice damage spell.
-Expand Mind: Increases intelligence and mana regen.
-Drain Life: Dark damage spell, returns some life(charisma helps).
-Ice Armour: Increase absorb +15% + 2% per level. Self cast only.
-Weaken: Same as priest.
Intelligence will help boost spell damage.

Fixed the saving of hotkeys. No longer need to reload character.
Fixed a bug where hotkeys would skip when using ctrl+right/left arrowkey.
Buffs affects are now on their own line on when hovering over. As they should have been.
To edit hotkeys, you now right click on a button which will bring up the hotkey window. The default/first set cannot be edited.

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