Update August 2017

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Update August 2017

Post by Maven » Sun Aug 13, 2017 11:52 pm

Includes some changes from a couple of weeks ago that I never got around to posting. Have had to remove all the previous test items. Also, if anyone's interested in helping to create content catch me in game or email admin at cursed-lands dot net.

Basic item system added. Have added over 100 item to test out including armours, different weapon types and potions. Some have requirements and modifiers that can affect stats and abilities.
Shops added. There are now 3 new shops in Thornwood.
Mobs can be set to follow.
Mobs can now drop loot.
Few new mobs added.
Amnesia Potion added to Sonwig's Shop, which will reset your Stat and Ability Points allowing you to reallocate them and test out different abilities/builds.
Your stamina recovery speed is now based on what equipment you are wearing. If you are wearing light armour and wield daggers you would recover from your attack faster than someone wearing heavy armour, wielding a two handed sword. Agility still helps to reduce the time.
Any gold collected while in a party is added to the parties gold loot. This is automatically split any time someone leaves/joins the party.

New Skills
-Mastery of Sword,Hammers,Daggers, Staffs : Increases damage with weapon type by 10% per level
-Mastery of Fire,Cold,Earth,Air,Light,Dark : Increases damage with element by 10% & 2% resistance per level
-Mastery of Pain : Increase damage absorb by 2% per level
-Dual Wield : Allows you to equip a second weapon. Increases offhand damage 10% & reduces stamina recovery .1 second per level
-Mastery of Shields : Allows you to equip a shield. 18% block + 2% per level.
-Vitality : Increases max health by 15 per level.
-Double Attack : 2% per level to get an extra attack with your main hand.

New Commands
-/party leader NAME : Change the leader of the party (only leader can use).
-/party split : Split the gold looted between party members.
-/party info : Display some info about the party.
-/give name item : give another player an item. Partial names can be used i.e /give mav sw would give maven a sword, or the first item found that starts with sw. Giving multiple items can be done by typing /give name amount item, amount item example, /give maven 3 iron sword, 2 gold rings, 100 gold.
-/give name ALL : gives a player everything in your inventory. ALL must be in caps.
-/use itemname : use an item i.e potion.
-/stats : Shows some extra stats like stamina recovery speed, dodge, absorb. Will eventually add these to the stats window.
-/inventory : opens the inventory window.
-/trainstats : opens the train stats window.

Updated the trainers learn window, now looks a bit better and actually displays information about the ability.
Added Shop window.
Added Inventory window : You can either click and drag the item into the slot or double/right click to equip/use an item.
When you buff another character a little buff icon will appear in the userlist, hovering over will display buff info. Slight bug with this, if you cast a buff with the current still active the icon will disappear. The affect is still applied though.
If you use an ability which has a cooldown before it can be used again, a timer will appear letting you know how long you have left before you can use it again.

New learn window

Inventory Window

Shop Window

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