Update/Test Jan 2019

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Update/Test Jan 2019

Post by Maven » Mon Jan 21, 2019 1:46 am

Been a while...

Few changes listed below.

*Still in the process of updating the content redoing mobs & items.*

World map changed. New areas added, old ones removed/remade.
New characters now start with some basic equipment.
Level System
- Every 10 levels you will now gain an extra Stat Point and Ability Point.
- Every 10 levels you will now gain a Respec Point. You can save them up and use whenever, but only once every 24 hours. Type '/respec' for more info.
- Characters between level 1-5 will respawn with full HP & MP.
- Characters between level 6-10 will respawn with 50% HP & HP.
Mail System added. Can now send players a message while they are offline.
- '/mail <name> <message>' Send a mail to someone.
- '/mail' Read new messages.
- '/mail r' Show previously read messages.
- '/mail s' Show mail you've sent.
AFK System added.
- '/afk' set yourself as AFK/set yourself as active.
- '/afk <message>' set yourself as AFK with a message.
- After 5 mins of inactivity you will be marked as idle.
Item System
- Randomised attributes: Items can now have unique attributes which can be randomised on mob drop.
- Bags: There are now bags to store your items in.
- Tags: You can now set a tag on non basic items, so you can name bags, weapons etc. Only you will see the tag. Still to add options to inventory, for now '/tag position tag'. Position being the number next to the item in your inventory.
Trade System
-Trade system finally implemented. To start a trade with someone right click their name and select trade or type /trade invite player
-'/trade accept' to accept trade invitation.
-'/trade decline' to decline trade invitation. Will auto decline after 20 seconds.
- You can no longer /give items, only gold.
Movement System changes
- Movement delay decrease, allowing you to move around faster.
- If you try to move and mobs are aggroing you, your movement will be delayed. More mobs make it harder to flee.
Mob Aggro System change
- Lower level mobs will stop attacking you as you level up.
- Healing now generates aggro.
Experience System
- Changes to how much exp you get from mobs.
- Extra exp for killing things on your own.
Corpse System added. When a player dies their corpse is added to the room.
Other Commands.
- '/time' - shows local server time.
- '/abilities' or '/skills' lists your abilities to the console.
- '/who' changed. Now shows some extra information.
- '/show loc' show/hide your location on the who list
- '/played' show your total played time.

Pretty much all abilities have had or in the process of having their requirements changed and how some of the previous abilities work has changed.
Warriors can now only use swords and daggers.
Priest can now only use staffs and hammers.

New/Changed Warrior Abilities
-Kick: Increased damage to make it a bit more useful. Strength, Agility and Toughness increase damage. Can't be parried or blocked with magic shield.
-Rage: Increases your damage for a period of time.
-Smash: Damages and now stuns target. Can only be used with swords. Strength increases damage and stun time.
-Impale: A powerful melee attack. Can only be used with daggers. Cannot be used on mobs who are focused on you. Can't be parried. Can't be dodged or blocked while sneaking. Agility increases damage multiplier.
-Sneak: While sneaking a player is unable to be attacked or cast upon. Increases Impale multiplier. The more mobs & non party members in the room higher chance you will be discovered. Agility increases you chance to remain hidden when moving around.
-Distract: Chance to distract people in the room, allowing you to sneak. Sneak must be ready to use. Agility increases success.
-Stomp: Room damage. Strength and Toughness increase damage.
-Evade: Increases your dodge% for a period of time.
-Shield Slam: For a period of time, each time you block an attack with your shield there is a chance you will hit the attacker with it! Toughness increases damage.

-Vitality: Increases max hp and hp regen. Toughness increases how much extra health you get.
-Battle Mastery: Lowers your targets absorb.
-Parry: Chance to parry your targets attacks. Strength and Agility increases chance.
-Riposte: Chance to hit target on successful parry.
-Enrage: Now caps at level 5. Amount of aggro gen has been increases.
-Mastery of Pain: Now caps at level 5. Toughness now increases Absorb%.
-Changes to crit hit, double attack now caps at 5

New/Changed Priest Abilities
[Skills Active]
-Resurrect: When cast it will bring all corpses in the room back to life. Each player can only be resurrected once every 15mins.
-Sacrifice: Skill will sacrifice a percentage of your own health, restoring your targets health.
[Skills Passive]
-Battle Mastery
-Double Attack added
-Guidance: +acc +double attack buff.

New/Changed Mage Abilities
-Magic Shield: Works like shield block, but can still block when stunned.
-Arcane Mastery: Lowers your targets magic resistance.
-Arcane Armour
-Frostbite: Cold DoT
-Coldblast: Cold damage with stun.
-Thornwood Teleport

Abilities window added. Can now see your own abilities! (Same as trainer)
Trade window added.
You can now drag around items to sort them in the inventory/put them in bags.
User Menu - Right clicking on someone in the userlist will now bring up a menu. You can set a few custom options in the hotkey settings.
Hotkey window - Panel updated a bit to allow for custom options in the user menu on the userlist.
Channel Switcher - Can switch between room, party and clan being the default chat.
Party Aggro Indicator - When a party member has aggro they will have an orange border around them in the userlist.
Few other GUI changes to try and tidy things up a little.
New keys -
ALT+A/S: Start/stop attack.
ALT+R: Enable/disable the redirect window. (Split screen)
ALT+T: Enable/disable timestamps.

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