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Game Story Intro Idea

Post by Firion » Tue Mar 06, 2018 11:23 am

You look up to see a man standing in the distance.
"Hello..." You respond.
"Where am I?"
"You stand in the Keldara; the space between worlds." The man replies.
"Lost souls wander the space here, drifting across its vastness. Some have lost,
some cannot let go..."
He hangs his head and a deep and profound sadness permiates the air.
"However, you are not one such entity. Most wander aimlessly, almost unaware of who
or what they were. I wish to offer you a deal wanderer. There is a land, a cursed land
that malevolent spirits have taken and bent to their will. Cruel monsters and evil men
stagnate the growth of this place and bend it to thier own ends regardless of the misery
they inflict upon the creatres and land. It upsets the balance of the universe and It
must be corrected. Should you wish to take up this crusade, I will send you back to
the mortal coil and more: present you a boon."

You frown and think...
Then after a time, reply:
"I know nothing of fighting or war though sir. How am I to help?"

The man chuckles.
The 'air' seems to almost carry you 'upwards' with mirth.

"'You have forgotten what you once knew.'
I can give you the means to recall parts of your past if you wish to accept my quest?"

You mull the idea over in your head...
Somehow you just cant belive wandering this wasteland would yeild anything of interest so,
you decide to accept the entity's deal. Something inside you is telling you this is a once
in a lifetime event that you MUST accept. It seems to be 'fate'...
The sensation is too much to ignore.
"I accept."

"Very well. I will send you to a place known as Thornwood. There you will wish to explore
the town until you find your trainer. He will help you recall your mastery of the Arts
as time progresses."
He motions to you to walk down a path behind him.

He smiles at you, bows his head and then turns back to stand, exactly where he was before.

A sense of creepyness washes over you as you walk down the path.
After what feels like hours, you come to a pool of liquid, swirling about in all random
There is nothing else here.
Wary, you aproach the pool and look in.
It is a purple 'liquid' swirling about itself in different hues.
Its color is intense and awe-inspiring.
There is nothing else except the road and this pool so you decide to touch the water.
As you do, it sticks to you and begins to engulf you, sliding up your fingers to your hand,
up your arm and it wraps itself around you.
"Hello traveler." You hear in your mind.
"I am going to send you to the masters Cursed Lands.
ITs going to feel very, very strange for you; being a mortal again that is."
Before you can ask what it means, you are falling.

Falling, falling. The air is whipping past you at such a speed, you can barely see what
is going on. Falling through clouds, you see... Land. Oh gods, you are free falling towards
You begin to panic as a itchy sensation fills your fingers and toes.
You look to see bone and flesh forming around you.
You are horrified. Beyond reason, this is terrible. Why would someone do this to a person?
As you fall closer to the ground, your body is healed and formed around you.
Falling, falling...
The air is moving past you so fast, you ignite into a fireball of heat, energy and motion
but, it does not burn and it does not sear your flesh.
You hit the ground with such force, the air is knocked from your lungs and you gasp wildly
for air.
You lie there, dumbstruck for miniutes? Hours? Before you finally come to your senses enough
to get your first look at the world around you...

*Load into game.*

(I wanted to be descriptive yet short, complex enough to be engaging but loosely fitting enough we can add more into the in-game story. Understand, I was trying for engaging but swift. I want most of the story to come from in-game play and reading there but I figured this would be a fun way to start. This will allow us to give more detailed stories for the classes in-game to those who wish to read it and give those who wish to skip, a short, fun intro.)
#Rough Draft 1

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