Little update

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Little update

Post by Maven » Mon Feb 01, 2016 11:13 pm

Little update to server/client


Mobs can now be spawned. There are only a few atm and they don't get saved just yet.
Mobs can now wander around randomly.
Really basic attack system added. You can attack mobs only for now by typing /a name or part of the name. Still to add things like agro etc.
Player spawn system added. When you die you will be sent to limbo for 9 seconds + level.
Players now gain experience for killing mobs. Although you can't level just yet.
Game save added. Players will now be saved every hour.

Nothing is balanced, stuff only implemented for testing just now.

Slight change in the client to update userlist correctly.
You can now scroll through the last things you typed by holding shift + up/down.

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