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Cursed Lands Wiki


Cursed Lands is a multi-user text based RPG game or MUD(Multi-User Dungeon), which makes use of its own custom client. The game is in development and many features are still being implemented and tested.

Game Client




Getting Started

Quickly added….

Movement is done by using the arrow keys on the keyboard and pageUp and pageDown. Make sure the chatbox is selected and empty.

To attack, select your target by clicking on it and press the attack button or f1 to begin attacking.

You can type use /a NAME to attack. Part of a name works also i.e /a t to attack a thief. List position can be used too.

Casting a spell can be done by type /cast SPELLNAME if target selected, or /cast SPELLNAME,TARGET (the ',' is important).

Using a skill is same as above but /skill instead of cast.

To level up find your trainer can click train.

Each level you will be given 1 Stat Point to increase any base stat. Every two levels you will be given 1 Ability Point, which can be used to learn new abilities from a trainer.

Strength Improves your melee damage.
Agility Improves your recovery/cast speed.
Toughness Improves your maximum health and health regen.
Wisdom Improves your maximum mana and mana regen.
Intelligence Improves spell damage.
Charisma Improves healing & some buffs

Abilities will also improve by increasing certain stats.

You can respec (reallocate) your stat and ability points by purchasing an Amnesia Potion from the shop 1s1e from TS. Admin may also give you a few, if you're new/low level.

Trainer Locations

  • 1. Priest Trainer
  • 2. Warrior Trainer
  • 3. Mage Trainer
  • 4. Training Pit (Go down)


General Commands

Command Description
/who See who's online.
/who NAME See players infomation.
/stats Show some extra character stats.
/g MSG Global chat, sends message to everyone.
/w NAME MSG Whisper, sends private message to player.
/r MSG Reply to last person who whispered you.
/t NAME MSG Direct a room message at a Player/Mob.
/examine NAME Get some info about a character.
/give NAME ITEM Give a player an item, split items with ',' to give multiple i.e /give player cloth gloves, leather vest, 2 silver ring, 100 gold
/use ITEM Use an item
/auc item, amount, msg Auction an item or show people stats i.e '/auc black sword, 0, stats!'
/auc i See info about the item that was auctioned.
/uptime Check how long the servers been running.
/roll Generate a random number.

Using skills/spells

Check hotkey section below for some examples.

Command Description
/a Will attack an already selected target.
/a NAME/List Pos Attack a character. Part of a name will work i.e '/a t' to attack a Thief. Position in the room list works also '/a 0' will attack whoever is first. Same goes for Skills/Spells.
/cast spellname Cast a spell on an already selected target.
/cast spellname, NAME Cast a spell on a target.
/skill skillname Use a skill.
/skill skillname, NAME Use skill on target.

Party Commands

Command Description
/party invite NAME Invite a playing to join your party. To invite multiple people split names with comma i.e /party invite name1,name2,name
/party invite all Invite everyone in the room to your party.
/party accept Accept an invite to a party.
/party decline Decline a party invitation (Will auto decline after 20 seconds).
/party quit Leave the party.
/party info Display some information about the party.
/party leader NAME Change the party leader. Only leader can change.
/party split Share the gold loot between party members.
/p MSG Party Chat, send message to all party members.

Bank/Vault Commands

Must be in the same room as the Banker.

/balance View how much you have in your bank account.
/deposit amount/all Deposit gold to your bank account (Must be in same room as banker).
/withdraw amount/all Withdraw gold from your bank account.
/vault list View what items you have stored in the vault.
/vault put item/all Put item(s) into the vault. For multiples split with comma, i.e /vault put 3 gold amulets, steel sword, 2 leather gloves
/vault get item Remove item(s) from the vault. /vault get 3 superior mana potion, steel sword, 3 steel dagger


The keys F1-F9 can be used to preform an action like attacking or casting a spell. To open up the hotkey panel, click on the second circle (below the attack, inventory buttons) on the bottom left of the client, then right click on a button. A window should appear, in the first box you put the name that will be displayed on the button and the second the command you wish to use.

Examples -

Name Command Description
Atk 0 /a 0 Attack the first person in the room.
atk brawler /a brawler Attack a brawler.
smash /skill smash Use the skill smash on selected target.
smash 0 /skill smash, 0 Use the skill smash on first person in room.
smash brawler /skill smash, brawler Use smash on brawler
Heal /cast heal wounds Cast heal wounds on selected target.
Heal target /cast heal wounds, name Cast heal wounds on person with the name
FB /cast fireball, 0 Cast fireball on the first person in room
Use pot /use superior potion of health Use a superior potion of health


There are a few other keyboard command you can use to control the game.

Key Description
Arrowkeys Used for movement. Make sure the inputbar is empty.
PageUp/Down Used for movement, up and down.
Shift + Up/Down Scroll through what you typed last.
Shift + Right/Left Switch between the different hotkey banks.
Tab Target/Select yourself. Can also click on your portrait.
Alt+Number Select a target, 1 being first in the room.

Scykes's Equipment List

Link to a Google sheet containing some in game items/mobs etc. Kept up to date by Scykes.

Equipment List

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